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Option I
This carefree method does not exclude you from personalized service, however, it does not afford you the face to face experience most individuals are used too; however, the carefree nature of this method is what makes it so attractive. The key steps are as follows: Essentially, there are four steps to success, all of which require you to travel no further than to your post box.
  • Collect all of your pertinent tax information.
  • Mail the information to GLF Via courier - Signature required is preferred. Relax while your taxes are being reviewed and finalized.
  • A payment request will be emailed to you. Your tax return, and all pertinent documents are on there way back to you.
  • Open your package, and send your return to the IRS, and State (if applicable) to finalize your tax process.
Option II
You can elect to bring all of your information to Guiding Light in person. This method provides you with an opportunity to be face to face with Clive; in addition, you will be able to discuss other options such as investments, retirement, or any other financial advice you may be seeking.
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It is the right and responsibility of all Americans to arrange their affairs in such a manner as to minimize their tax liability, and maximize their financial security. Contact GLF and learn more how we can assist with your Tax Preparation needs.

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